Review: NYX Round Lipstick in Snow White

After finding out NYX was available in the UK, I ordered two lipsticks and an eyelash curler. This is my first NYX order, and the customer service is fantastic. I accidentally checked my basked out before I’d added one of the lipsticks, but the people over the phone were happy to sort it out, and my parcel arrived on the Friday. Given I ordered it at 11pm on Wednesday, this is pretty good going.

I ordered the round creamy lipstick in the colour Snow White. It’s no secret I love a dark red lip, and this colour looked perfect. It was also only £4. I usually buy Diorling as it stays on for a few hours, which retails at £26, and I haven’t tried a cheaper brand in a while so I was curious to see how this compared. I decided to take photos of my lips at various points throughout the day to see how it held up.

First applied


This is freshly applied, and swatched on my NC20 skin. The application looks a bit messy, because I lost my oiginal before pic and this is actually taken after I’d taken my lipstick off and reapplied. My first thought was how similar this is to MAC’s Dubonnet.

Three hours later


Oh hey super unflattering close up of my mouth. The colour is a little darker than this in real life. You can see it’s a semi matte finish , and is still on pretty well. Several of my high end lipsticks, including Dubonnet, would require a touch up around now

Ten hours later


I don’t have a lip swatch to show you because the bad light meant I couldn’t get a decent photo, but I think this pic shows it all. You can see my lipstick has faded by this point (my eye makeup is almost smudged, from crying with laughter at …). However until about two hours before this photo was taken, it looked pretty good. So I’d say you get around 8 hours wear with it, which is pretty damn amazing for a red, and a red that cost £4.

What do you think of NYX Round Lipsticks?


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