Review: Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Hyde Park

Random impulse lipstick buy! I saw this yesterday, at the NARS counter in Harvey Nichols. Well first I saw a velvet lip pencil in Damned I think, and I started talking to the SA, who suggested for my dry lips, a satin lip pencil might be better. Even though I’ve found NARS products to be underwhelming in the past, I bought it because it’s red, it’s pretty and I could. So there.


This is a lovely colour. Despite owning a surprising amount of reds, I hadn’t found my HG red. I don’t like a red that screams “red” if that makes sense. I like a sultry, sophisticated red, and on my white lips (they literally have almost no pigment) almost everything is neon. This is perfect. A deep berry red that looks beautiful without looking bright.

It also stays on quite well without drying my lips. This doesn’t happen to me. No matter what lipstick I use, I always get flaky lips by the end of the day. Not with this. Also, it’s so easy to reapply. It’s like a big crayon! A lot of people dislike the pencils because of the product wastage but personally I love them for the ease of application

Here is a bad selfie with NARS Hyde Park


I swear I’m not drunk. Or cross eyed. Honestly, I don’t know why it came out like that haha,but taking selfies with a broken wrist is hard, and so this will have to do. I may update it later on to a slightly less dopey looking photo, as I’m pretty sure I’ve finally found my HG red and so will be wearing it a lot.

Buy it. Buy it. Buy it.


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