How to: Copper Smokey Eyes

This is awesome for green eyes, as copper really brings the colour out. This is also a great tutorial for hooded eyes, as I have them myself and show how to make a smokey eye work. I apologise for the pictures not being stunning quality – I can’t afford a better camera right now.

1) I’m going straight in to the eyes. I’ve already done my base, and for the curious, it’s MAC Studio Sculpt in NC20 and concealer in NW20. If anyone would like a tutorial of how to do foundation/concealer, let me know.

tutorial one

Take a small amount of Urban Decay Primer Potion and put it on your eye. Your eye makeup will not move. This shit is bullet proof*( as well as swim proof/rain proof/sweat proof/Alice proof – seriously it stays on). Then take MAC Amber Lights on a flat angled brush and apply it to your eye, concentrating on the inner corner.

*may not actually protect you from bullets

2) This is what it should look like. I also like to brush a little bit under my eye.

Carlsberg don't do arrows, but if they did...seriously, how drunk are my arrows?

Carlsberg don’t do arrows, but if they did…seriously, how drunk are my arrows?

Next, take Urban Decay’s Rehab, a cream eyeshadow stick, and pretend you’re 5 with a crayola. Scribble over the outer 2 thirds of your eye, overlapping with amber lights. This will look messy. DO NOT WORRY, IT IS SUPPOSED TO.

3) Blend. Blend. Blend again. Blend. Blend. And again.

tutorial 3

I’m using a round tipped brush from MAC. You see how high I’m going? That’s what you do if you have hooded eyes. Then go under your eye with Rehab.

4) Line yo eyes. I used Lancome Artliner in Brown. Then fill in your waterline, I use BareMinerals pencil liner in 9pm. I was too scared to take a photo, because I’d jab myself in the eye, but here it is done

tutorial 4

I also applied mascara in the last photo. Lacome Hypnose.

That is it! Here is a photo of the finished look

IMG_1167Yeah, thanks bathroom lighting. Here are some other photos to hopefully give you a better idea of the colours

tutorial5See how the copper emphasises green eyes?


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