How to: Magnetic Makeup Board

This is part of a series I’m doing on makeup storage solutions that are fairly cheap and space saving. Something I use a lot are magnetic makeup boards. I glue some cheap magnets onto the back of my makeup and voila, I can stick everything on a board. It saves space, makes it easy to find stuff, and looks pretty awesome too.

Stuff you'll need

Stuff you’ll need

This is a baking tray which you can get from poundland for…£1, some PVA glue, and some decorative paper. I’m using some Indian handmade paper I have, you can use anything.

Glue yo board

Glue yo board

Cut the paper around your board, leaving about 3 inches each side to fold over. Then, glue the board, and place it flat side down onto the paper. Glue one of the sides, and fold it.

Spaghetti hoops

Spaghetti hoops

Use a weight to hold it down. Get creative. I’m using some spaghetti hoops, because spaghetti hoops are awesome

Glue the other side

Glue the other side

PVA dat baking tray.



Stick the other side down, weight it, and then fold your corners like presents.

Spaghetti hoops again

Spaghetti hoops again

Glue it, weight it down.


Tuck and fold


Glue over it, to press it down. Weight it down. Do this on the other end. When dry, I varnished mine with PVA mixed with water, because my paper was matte, but if you use shiny paper it isn’t necessary.


This is what it looks like when it’s done. Doesn’t look much without makeup, so I’ll show you another one I did

I could only find the instagrammed one

I could only find the instagrammed one

How do you store your makeup?


2 thoughts on “How to: Magnetic Makeup Board

  1. This is such a cool idea! ♥ I just keep all my makeup in a bag, but this is handy because you can see all your makeup at once and there’s no rooting around.

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